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We make deliveries:

  • Russia — daily, regardless of the day of the week.
  • Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan — flights weekly.
  • other countries — on request.

Conditions for shipment of goods:

  • self-delivery from the warehouse of finished products to the address: Moscow region, Dmitrov, Industrial street, 27;
  • delivery by supplier to any transport company in Moscow and Moscow region;
  • delivery can be arranged by our specialists, and its cost is included in the price of goods.

Delivery is carried out:

  • by road, truck tanker 30m3;
  • by road, Euro truck 90m3;
  • by road, modular cargo;
  • by transport companies;
  • by rail transport;
  • a standard 20-foot container;
  • by rail transport, a standard 40-foot container;
  • by rail transport, tank wagons 70-80m3.

Product packaging:

  • steel drums, 50 litres;
  • steel barrels, 216 litres;
  • euro-cubes, 1000m3;
  • pouring (auto, rail).
Additives and reagents plant — production and supply
We select high quality, bespoke solutions that help create truly unique products and increase our customers' profitability.
Additives and reagents plant — production and supply
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