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ANTIOXIDANTS, STABILISERS, NEUTRALISERS ANTIOXIDANTS, STABILISERS, NEUTRALISERS Fuel flavourings Fuel flavourings Fuel dyes Fuel dyes Detergent additive «BRAVOS Prime G» Detergent additive «BRAVOS Prime G» Detergent additive с катализатором горения Detergent additive с катализатором горения Octane boosting gasoline additives Octane boosting gasoline additives
Additives and reagents plant — production and supply
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Additives and reagents plant — production and supply
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    Most petrol additives are used to increase the octane number. Most engines cannot run on low-octane petrol, the amount of exhaust gases increases, the engine starts to «knock» and stops completely.
    Octane boosting gasoline additives
    The measure of an additive’s effectiveness is to increase the octane number per unit of input.

    At the same time, substances that have the best specific increase are usually restricted for introduction into fuel. This is the reason why the so-called bulk components, substances that have practically no side effects when applied to fuel, are used along with them.

    We offer a wide range of anti-detonation components with different characteristics for every application.
    Fuel dyes for gasoline
    Concentrated petroleum soluble dyes for various types of light distillates. Allows for correcting fuel colour, marking and distinguishing batches of fuel. Do not contain metals, and do not increase ash content. Dosage range from 25 to 150 g/t. Available in a wide range of colours, including fluorescent dyes that lighten (!) the fuel when added.

    They may be used to deter fuel theft.

    An important field of application of dyes is marking special types of fuel, e.g. aviation fuel or fuel for racing engines.
    Fuel flavorings for petrol
    Petrol flavourings are used to make petrol more marketable. The range includes petroleum product fragrances with pine forest and green tea scents. It masks unpleasant odors (unsaturated, acidic, compounds containing sulfur). Can be used in combination with stabilizer BRAVOS ST-2.
    Recommended dosage is 20 g/t — 100 g/t. Depends on product quality.
    Washing additive for petrol
    Stable, durable engine operation and long engine life are important factors in the operation of a car. Over the long-term, changes occur in the fuel system, i.e. deposits accumulate in various components, affecting fuel supply, engine and exhaust system performance. BRAVOS detergents are used to remove these deposits.

    Bravos CLEAN — Additives to improve the performance and environmental performance of fuels. They are available in two versions: Bravos CLEAN G for use in petrol systems and Bravos CLEAN D for use in diesel engines.
    The function of detergent additives
    This type of additive effectively removes deposits and tarred deposits from the surface of injection and combustion elements. After prolonged use (more than 10 hours of operation) it reduces fuel consumption, significantly cleans combustion chamber surfaces and injectors.

    protect the fuel injection system;
    prevents formation of polymer resin deposits on the engine and fuel system components;
    they dissolve and wash out soot deposits;
    at continuous use (from 20 hours) reduce fuel consumption by 3-10%;
    increase engine life (time between overhauls);
    can be used as a component of branded fuel.

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