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    A depressant-dispersant additive. Reduces pour point, filterability limit temperature. Makes it easier to work with fuel in winter period. Provides resistance to fuel stratification during cold storage. Liquid form, allows for adding additive to fuels without heating. It is much easier to mix with fuel. Dosage is 600-3000 g/ton.

    A working solution of a depressant additive for diesel fuel, ready to use. Antigels are used to improve the low temperature performance of diesel fuels.

    Additives and reagents plant produces two types of antigels:

    The dosage of Antigels varies between 500 and 2000 ppm depending on the fuel and the desired result.
    The additive is added to fuel at 5-7 degrees above the cloud point of your fuel, it does not require preheating of either fuel or additive, which reduces your costs.

    Our specialists can choose the optimal type and dosage of additive for your fuel, thus reducing your expenses. For testing your fuel, our organisation has its own laboratory and also cooperates with leading testing centres.


    Indicator name

    Test method

    Norm according to TU

    Standard value

    Visual appearance, colour

    According to TU p.5.2.1.

    The liquid is colourless to brown in colour.
    Turbidity is acceptable.
    A soluble precipitate may be present.


    Density at 20°С kg/m3, at least (estimated)

    GOST 18995.1



    Solubility / miscibility with petroleum product

    According to TU p.5.4.



    Water, % wt.

    GOST 2477

    Not more 0,2


    Solidification temperature, °С


    Not more -10


    Flash point in closed crucible, not less than °С

    GOST 6356

    At least 30



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