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    The operation principle of the BRAVOS POWER D series combustion activator is based on ordering the oscillations of hydrocarbon molecules that are part of the residual fuels. This ensures the destruction of large fuel droplets into smaller ones, thus enabling more complete combustion of hydrocarbons and significantly reducing soot and particulate emissions.


    Reduction of specific fuel consumption by 5-7%;
    Reduction of toxicity and exhaust emissions;
    reduction of smoke;
    Fuel system cleaning (can be used as a detergent additive);
    improvement of combustibility;
    helps to increase the fullness of fuel combustion;

    100-150 ppm (100-150 grams of additive per tonne of diesel fuel);

    The combustion activator is applied by adding calculated quantity of the reagent to a tank with oil product. For the combustion activator to work efficiently, it is advisable to add it in the process of filling the container with further stirring.


    Exposure: Irritation of mucous membranes of the eyes, respiratory system and skin. Repeated exposure may cause chronic irritation of eyes, upper respiratory tract, mild skin inflammation, allergic skin rash. Irritation of eyes, respiratory system and skin. Repeated exposure may cause chronic eye irritation, upper respiratory tract irritation, mild skin inflammation, allergic skin rash.

    Protection: Protective clothing, gloves and goggles must be worn. Provide adequate general and local exhaust ventilation.

    Spillage: Workers must use respirators and protection against contact with liquid. Provide ventilation and enclose spill area. Do not discharge into drains. Move flammable materials away from spill area. Collect with non-combustible absorbent material.

    Extinguishing: Foam, carbon dioxide, dehydrated chemicals, sand, earth. DO NOT use water spray.

    Storage: Store in closed containers in well ventilated areas away from direct sunlight and atmospheric precipitation. It is not allowed to store the product with strong oxidizing agents and alkalis, food products and other consumer goods.

    Shelf life: In compliance with storage conditions — at least 12 months.
    Storage: Chemical storage facility.
    Packaging: 25 and 200l drums, non-returnable.

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