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    BRAVOS PRIME D is an additive designed to improve the performance and environmental characteristics of petrol and protect the engine. It improves ignition of air-fuel mixture, completeness of fuel combustion and makes the engine run smoother.


    BRAVOS PRIME D is a gasoline additive formulated to improve performance and environmental characteristics of gasoline and protect the engine. It improves ignition of air-fuel mixture, completeness of fuel combustion and makes the engine run smoother.

    Effectively removes soot and tarry deposits from the surface of injection elements and combustion chambers. In the course of long-term use the fuel consumption decreases, reaching an optimum level after 25 hours of work, significantly cleans combustion chamber and valve surfaces as well as injectors and injectors.

    Advantages of

    (data confirmed by several hours of benchmark tests — see report).


    Description of additive action

    Selective solvents contained in the additive remove the tar and carbon deposits formed in the combustion chamber and on engine parts.

    Cetane-amplifying components improve inflammability of fuel at compression of the mixture, increasing time and therefore the completeness of oxidation of fuel components.

    Components included in the composition provide antiwear and anti-corrosion properties, improve the lubricating ability of fuel, prolonging the period between overhauls, reducing friction and loss of useful power to it.

    Due to the use of oxygen-containing components, the oxidation efficiency of fuel is increased, and the smokiness of exhaust gases and the content of harmful pollutants in them is significantly reduced.

    The composition of the additive includes surfactants which decrease the size of liquid droplets at injection, thus increasing the homogeneity of the mixture and improving the fullness of combustion.

    The combination of positive effects of the additive clearly results in increased engine life — between overhaul mileage and overall service life.


    Recommended dosage and additive injection

    The markedly positive effect of BRAVOS PRIME D is observed in the dosage range of 300 to 1000 grams per ton. Optimal cleaning properties and fuel economy are recorded at dosage of 500 grams per ton. We recommend mixing the additive into fuel, e.g. into a tank with petroleum product while filling it. Dosing of an additive into a fuel flow by a dosing pump is also possible. It is possible to inject the required quantity of additive into a tank with fuel, after which it is necessary to mix it by switching on the circulation of the mixture through the pump. At least 1.5 volume replacement should be done.


    Conditions and term of storage:

    Product shelf life is at least 12 months if storage conditions are observed.

    Products shall be stored in chemical warehouse under conditions similar to those for diesel fuel and flammable liquids.

    Products shall be stored in original packaging.

    Storage temperature -40°C to +30°C. Do not store near open flame, incandescent objects, direct sunlight or other sources of thermal radiation.



    50, 200 litre drums, IBC — cubes (Eurocubes).

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