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Essential-aromatic reagent

Essential-aromatic reagent

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    Essential-aromatic reagent is designed for use in the oil and gas industry as a flushing agent to remove asphalt-resinous, paraffinic deposits and other types of contaminants, oil residues and residues in closed process cycles.

    Essential-aromatic reagent can be used :

    The rates of introduction and content of UTP in the final product shall be determined by the formulation and technical regulations of the enterprise using this type of product.

    Visual appearance

    Transparent liquid without mechanical additives

    Density at 20ºС, g/cm3

    0,740 — 1,1

    Solidification temperature, °C

    Not regulated

    Start boiling point, °C

    32 to 200

    Flash point, °C

    Not regulated

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