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Ethyl Cellosolve (Ethylcellosolv)

Ethyl Cellosolve (Ethylcellosolv)

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    Ethyl Cellosolve (Ethylcellosolv) is a mono ethyl ether of ethylene glycol, a colourless, transparent, flammable liquid with an alcoholic smell.

    2-Ethoxyethanol, also known by the trademark Cellosolve or ethyl cellosolve — universal solvent, exhibits the properties of alcohols and esters, has exceptional solubility. Soluble in water, alcohols, esters, hydrocarbon solvents.

    Used for dissolving lacquers, paints (including water-dispersion paints), inks and other polymer compositions. Good for dissolving dried out old paints, coatings including epoxy, nitrile and polyester. It is used in printing industry.
    As antifreeze in aviation fuel in order to prevent freezing of water contained therein, the main component of anti-water crystallization liquids («Fluid I» and «Fluid I-M»).
    Can act as a co-solvent — allows to mix with water solvents that are not soluble in it by themselves.

    It is a flammable liquid, requires appropriate requirements for storage and use.

    It is classified as moderately hazardous — Hazard Class 3 substances.


    Visual appearance

    Transparent liquid without mechanical impurities


    Density at 20ºС, g/cm3

    0,926 — 0,933


    Mass fraction of main substance, %, min



    Solidification temperature, °C



    Boiling point, °C



    Flash point, °C



    Autoignition temperature, °C


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