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Aromatic petroleum solvent

Aromatic petroleum solvent

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    Hydrocarbon aromatic blended solvent.

    Includes large quantities of benzene as well as toluene and xylenes. Total aromatics content 60-70 % wt.

    The solvent has the best price combined with high performance.

    The solvent can be used as a component of motor gasoline, but attention must be paid to compliance with TR CU and GOST requirements.

    The standards for the introduction and content of UTS in the final product are determined by the formulation and technical regulations of the company using this type of product.

    Visual appearance

    Transparent liquid without mechanical additives

    Density at 20ºС, g/cm3

    0,760 – 0,880

    Benzene fraction, % wt.


    Aromatics fraction, % wt.


    Solidification temperature, °C

    Not regulated

    Start boiling point, °C

    32 to 200

    Flash point, °C

    Not regulated

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