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BRAVOS DP depressurising and dispersant additive (DP)

BRAVOS DP depressurising and dispersant additive (DP)

The depressor-dispersant additive (DDP) is a concentrated additive which, even at low dosages, effectively improves low-temperature characteristics of medium (diesel, gasoil) distillates (filterability temperature, pour point and fluidity).

Additives and reagents plant produces a wide range of BRAVOS DP additives. The additives are distinguished by their intended use: for conversion of summer fuel oil into interseasonal fuel oil and for adjustment of interseasonal fuel oil characteristics to the parameters corresponding to winter fuel oil grades.

Dosage of additives varies from 200 to 1200 ppm depending on fuel and the required result.

The additive is injected into fuel at 35-65 degrees Celsius.

The additive is fed directly into the fuel stream in undiluted form or as a working solution. Suitable solvents are aromatic hydrocarbons, paraffin and light gas oil.

Our experts can choose the right type and dosage of additive for your fuel, thus reducing reagent consumption and saving you money. To test your fuel our company has its own laboratory and cooperates with leading testing centres.

Advantages of using «Plant of additives and reagents» Ltd.

Additives are universal, they are used for a wide range of fuels, from light ones with high content of paraffin fractions to heavy fuels, close to stove fuels and marine fuels.

Additives and reagents plant — production and supply
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Additives and reagents plant — production and supply
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