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BRAVOS PRIME G is an additive intended to improve performance and environmental characteristics of gasoline and protect engines. It effectively removes soot and tar deposits from the surface of injection elements and combustion chamber. In the course of continuous use it reduces fuel consumption reaching its optimum level after 20 hours of work and significantly cleans surfaces of the combustion chamber, valves and plugs as well as injectors and injectors.


Selective solvents and surfactants contained in the additive remove the tarred and carbonaceous deposits formed in the combustion chamber and on engine parts.

Due to the use of oxygen-containing components, the fuel oxidation efficiency is increased, the smokiness of exhaust gases and the content of harmful components polluting the atmosphere is substantially reduced.

The composition of the additive includes surfactants which decrease the size of liquid droplets at injection, thus increasing the homogeneity of the mixture and improving the fullness of combustion.

The combination of positive effects of the additive clearly results in increased engine life — between overhaul mileage and overall service life.

Additives and reagents plant — production and supply
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Additives and reagents plant — production and supply
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