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How to buy MTBE additives in bulk

How to buy MTBE additives in bulk

Wholesale purchases of petrochemical products are mainly aimed at ensuring the uninterrupted operation of oil production and refining facilities or for resale to petrol stations.

Additives and reagents plant LLC offers high quality MTBE additives along with a wide range of other fuel additives, flavourings, colouring agents, antioxidants, stabilisers, catalysts and neutralisers to wholesale buyers.

MTBE additive — purpose and features.

Crude oil extracted from the bowels of the earth goes through several stages of refining before it becomes gasoline. But even at the most advanced refineries, additives with different properties are added to the fuel to meet the requirements of the applicable standards.

One of the most popular gasoline additives in Russia is MTBE, methyl tert-butyl ether, which is produced by combining methanol with isobutylene using synthesis catalysts.

MTBE is a type of octane enhancing additive, i.e:

MTBE additive is a transparent liquid that does not react with water and completely dissolves in petrol. It belongs to the fourth class of hazard, i.e. it is low hazardous. It is added to petrol in 15% proportion. However, like all esters, MTBE is volatile, so it needs special storage conditions. A poorly sealed fuel tank may over time lead to a lower octane rating of petrol.

Additives and reagents plant is your reliable partner.

When making bulk purchases, a number of important factors are taken into account, which is why we offer our partners

LLC «Additives and reagents plant», having the latest equipment and qualified staff, conducts all necessary laboratory tests for compliance with technical requirements. Therefore we are sure of the quality and functionality of the product.

How to buy MTBE additives in bulk? Simply fill in the application form on the website and you will be contacted as soon as possible.

Additives and reagents plant — production and supply
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Additives and reagents plant — production and supply
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