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Diesel detergent additives

Diesel detergent additives

Diesel detergent additives developed by our experts are needed to improve fuel quality and therefore the life cycle of the engine.

Diesel detergent additives offered by our company

We offer six different types of additives, including those of complex action.

1. Combustion catalysts

This type of additive is designed to raise the combustion rate and thus reduce the buildup of deposits. Combustion catalysts fully optimise combustion and extend the life of the diesel engine.

2. Anti-wear additive for diesels

Used in combination with cetane-amplifying additives, the effect is similar and their combined use enhances the effect.

3) Detergents for diesel

This type of additive must be used for the diesel engine. The detergent effect is to wash the combustion products out of the engine, the additive prevents corrosion of the engine, and increases the life of the engine. One of the main purposes of detergent additives is that once the engine is cleansed of everything superfluous, fuel consumption is reduced.

4. Cetane-amplifying additives

The change in the Euro class of diesel fuel, which makes it «lighter», led to the need for anti-wear additives. Apart from their ecological properties, they have a lubricating effect, and improve combustion.

5. Depressor-dispersant additives

This kind of additive should be used at subzero temperatures and also in case of temperature variations from minus to plus. Depressor-dispersant additives improve the quality of diesel fuel.

This additive also reduces diesel storage costs, enabling all fuel handling operations to be carried out in winter without damage.

Therefore, additives produced by the additives and chemicals plant are vital for the successful use and storage of diesel fuel. To find out the price of the required additive, you need to fill in the form on the website and our managers will contact you to specify the order information.

Additives and reagents plant — production and supply
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Additives and reagents plant — production and supply
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