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Oil additives

Oil additives

The Additive and Reagent Factory offers a wide range of petroleum additives for fuels. Such products as petroleum additives improve the quality of gasoline, diesel and any oil products. The given direction in petrochemistry improves properties of oil products and by that prolongs term of operation of automobiles and equipments.

At en.zavodpr.ru you can find information about petroleum additives. They help to improve oil performance and eliminate all kinds of disadvantages, which may occur during storage and refining, as well as during transport.

Oil additives

For dark petroleum products the company offers to buy the following additives

These components have different properties. For example, depressor additives remove paraffin deposits. They help to pump oil easily, reduce energy consumption and help equipment to run smoothly.

Hydrogen sulphide and mercaptan absorber is an important component that improves fuel properties. It is used in oil production and refining. The operation of the equipment becomes more efficient, and the additive eliminates the unpleasant smell of hydrogen sulphide. It helps to work with petroleum products without heating and protects against corrosion.

Anti-foam additives eliminate foam and create a protective film, preventing the formation of new bubbles. As you can see, such products have a lot of advantages. The quality of our oil additives is comparable with their European counterparts.

Company advantages

Cooperation with our company is really beneficial. For instance, we can offer our customers not only oil additives but also gasoline, diesel and various petrochemical products. Other advantages of the company:

The company has special offers for regular customers. Cooperation with Russian and foreign companies is possible.

Additives and regents plant offers really high quality oil additives. To view the range and to apply, please visit our website

Additives and reagents plant — production and supply
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Additives and reagents plant — production and supply
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