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Engine additives. Made in Russia — what makes them better

Engine additives. Made in Russia — what makes them better

Engine additives for any vehicle are often indispensable. On the Russian market, there are quite a few brands of additives which are as good as their foreign counterparts in terms of quality.

We recommend that you pay attention to the products of the Moscow-based Additives and reagents plant. Its product range includes additives for various fuels — gasoline, diesel, dark petroleum products and so on.

If you ask yourself the question — additives in the engine Russian production, how are they better? You will get the answer by buying products of this plant. The quality of additives and reagents is very good. And the prices are much lower than those of foreign producers.

What do you need additives for?

Many specialised petrochemical shops have a large choice of all possible engine additives. Each has its own function.

There are additives which enable the engine to run better and break down less. They are also very effective in the winter. You won’t have to repair your car for a long time when it’s in use.

Washing additives are also available from Additives and reagents plant. They clean the engine of carbon deposits and lubricate the engine. These cleaning additives can be used to flush the system.

The types of additives can also be:

The company’s range offers such products at reasonable prices. You may look through the catalogue and buy goods at zavodpr.ru.

Russian additives advantages

Russian additives are in demand both on the Russian market and in other countries. For instance, car owners from Belarus, Kazakhstan, Bulgaria, Mexico, Africa and other countries gladly use these products.

Recently, a lot of fake additives have appeared. Therefore, the buyer prefers to buy better quality additives from a Russian producer, which are not so widespread abroad.

Russian additives can improve engine performance, so they are happily purchased by their overseas counterparts. What makes them so special is that they are suitable for both new engines and vintage cars. They are also suitable for the domestic trucks KAMAZ and VAZ, as well as special vehicles.

Country of production is not as important to the end-user as the quality of additives.

«Additives and reagents plant» are excellent products for your machinery! You can be sure in its quality.

Additives and reagents plant — production and supply
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Additives and reagents plant — production and supply
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