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MTBE prices in 2021

MTBE prices in 2021

The technical specifications of motor vehicles place great demands on the quality of the fuel and its performance in accordance with the applicable standards. Therefore, additives of various properties are added to the fuel.

Today Additives and reagents plant LLC is a major trader of MTBE additives of the highest quality and with different purposes and prices.

Types and Features

MTBE additives are intended for: petrol, diesel and dark petroleum products. While the latter are used mainly for protection of refinery equipment (antifoam and depressor and rheological), gasoline additives may be detergents, detergents with combustion catalyst, octane boosters. Diesel additives are antiwear and depressor-dispersant.

Role of additives

MTBE additives have a number of important functions due to their components

All this protects the fuel system and the engine from premature wear and increases engine efficiency. The additives also increase fuel detonation resistance, ensure complete combustion and reduce the toxicity of exhaust gases.

Mutually beneficial cooperation with partners

Considering the important role that fuel additives play, we understand the importance of trust in the manufacturer, its experience and reputation. The «Additives and reagents plant» possesses the latest high-precision equipment, a team of qualified employees and a modern laboratory.

The plant works with a large number of wholesale buyers. Our partners can always rely on

MTBE prices

The prices of MTBE additives, including those of Additives and reagents plant LLC, are much lower than those of foreign producers. Especially when it comes to wholesale supplies. Reasonable price with consistently high quality — the principle of the plant at all times! Please ask our specialists for further details. Leave your request — our managers will contact you. We are looking forward to working with you!

Additives and reagents plant — production and supply
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Additives and reagents plant — production and supply
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